MAESTRAPEACE Mural, The San Francisco Women's Building Photograph by Quinn Gravier

MAESTRAPEACE Mural, The San Francisco Women's Building
Photograph by Quinn Gravier

The Performance

Romantic Songs of the Patriarchy is a three-day durational musical performance that will be staged throughout the public and private spaces of the Women’s Building in the Mission District of San Francisco. The audience will encounter musicians performing familiar and what at first appear to be innocuous love songs but, when listened to more carefully, reveal more complex and often more disturbing attitudes towards women.

Ragnar’s work often draws on repetition to tease out the complexity of an idea or emotion, resulting in works that are often at once joyful, funny, sorrowful, and deeply moving. Romantic Songs of the Patriarchy will continue his interest in using a durational performance to explore a complicated and challenging social issue, one that has become increasingly complex in the wake of the current cultural climate.

The performance will take place on November 9, 10th and 11th, 2018. Tickets are sold out but go to Eventbrite to get on the Waitlist.


The Musicians

Alexandra Iranfar
Alfa Garcia
Annabelle Marie
Anne Carol Mitchell
BiankA AlloyN
Carly Bond
Diana Gameros
Gabby Campitelli
Gabi Díaz-Hernández
Gracia Logue-Sargeant
Jackie Gage
Jules Indelicato
Kat White
Katiana Vila
Katie Cash
Kelly McFarling
Kelsey Shell
Kendra McKinley
Laila Williams
Laura Weinbach
Laurie Lewis
Lilie Byetheway-Hoy
Madeline Tasquin
Marissa Deitz
Monica Fimbrez
Odessa Chen
Paige Clem
Scheherazade Stone
Valerie Jay
Yuriza Jared



The Women's Building
3543 18th St #8
San Francisco, CA 94110